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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the housing community going to be called the Eva Sophia Project?

A:  No. The Eva Sophia Project is the project to build the community. The community will have it's own name, reflective of the community it serves. 

Q: Where will the housing community be located?

A: The Eva Sophia Project intends to build it's first community in Waconia, MN.  We are currently looking for a parcel of land.

Q: Would you consider building outside of Waconia?

A: While we would like to see our FLAGSHIP Model Community build in Waconia, we're open to exploring nearby options. 

Q: How many adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) be able to live in your community?

A: The plan is to provide a home for 40 to 60 adults. 

Q: What type of housing structure will be built within your community?

A: Final plans have not been determined yet.  We envision creating a safe and inclusive neighborhood which may include small 1-2 bedroom cottage style homes, townhouses, or apartments inclusive of a community center with a common dining area.


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