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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of support services will be provided?

A:  Across the country, homes built for adults with IDD, supportive means the dwelling is designed with accommodations that can include specific architectural features, meal service, security features, and common community spaces. 

Q: What supports and services will individuals need to provide for themselves? 

A: Individuals in need of extra support through a Direct Support Professional (DSP), will be encouraged to contract with a service provider of their choice among those approved to perform services on our site.  Those service providers are yet to be determined. 

Q: How will individuals pay to live in the community the Eva Sophia Project builds?

A: We anticipate individuals will utilize SSI, SSDI, housing waiver funds or private pay. 

Q: How much will it cost to live there? 

A: Yet to be determined with a focus on affordability.

Q: Who will be able to live in community built by the Eva Sophia Project?

A: Adults ages 21 and over who have a who are diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD).

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