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Our Board - To be replaced

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The Eva Sophia Project was founded by directors Kris Lamkin and Holly Meyers. Kris' daughter Eva and Holly's daughter Sophia have been inseparable since they first met in 2009. Upon looking to Eva and Sophia's futures, the Eva Sophia Project was born. Through weekly meetings and daily conversations, Kris and Holly quickly came to realize that the more people they spoke to, the greater the need they uncovered.

Fast forward, our board has grown into a dynamic group of individuals, all with the desire to make an impact on our immediate community and the lives of those in it. We are excited about the idea of a world where our differently abled friends and family have the option to live independently.

Board Members:

Front row from left to right: Becca Rausenberger, Kris Lamkin, Holly Meyers

Back row from left to right: Pete Leo, Tom Johnston, Wade Scott, Jim Carlson

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