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Three young adults with IDD enjoying the day.  One male adult is playing the ukulele, while two other females are watching him play.

A Place to Call Home

Eva Sophia Project

Eva Sophia Project is a 501(c)(3) Minnesota nonprofit corporation with a mission to build a pocket neighborhood for adults with developmental disabilities. Eva Sophia Project envisions a world where communities welcome adults with disabilities to live their fullest lives with dignity, safety, support, and choice.

Our Guiding Principles

A beacon of hope for independence.



Individuals enjoy lives complete with physical, emotional, and material well being, friendships, inclusion, self-determination, and individual rights.



Invite and inform the world around us to fill the spaces between individuals of all abilities.



Foster an environment of acceptance, unconditional love, respect, and engagement that nurtures social connection and eliminates isolation and loneliness.



Strive to unfailingly provide a safe and supportive neighborhood for residents, staff, and guests.


Dignity of Choice

Provide the opportunities and supports to foster lifelong growth and learning including taking risks, making mistakes, and honoring personal preferences.

Tree young adults with intellectual disabilities at a park.  Two (females) swinging, another male pushing one of the females on the swing.  All are smiling and having fun.
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