Available and affordable housing are a challenge in most communities. Finding suitable housing is a special challenge for the special needs community – young adults with disabilities who are ready to live on their own, but not fully independent.

At the community level, a group of area parents, led by Kris Lamkin, are coming together to spark an interest and give people with intellectual disabilities a place to live on their own.

It’s called the Eva Sophia Project, named after Eva Lamkin daughter of Kris and James Lamkin of Waconia.  Eva nearly died at birth, born at a 26-week gestation, but who is living today as a young adult with minimal issues. However, Eva will always need some help to live on her own, her mom says, and the Eva Sophia Project's goal is to support adults with disabilities by giving them a choice to live independently, with choice, and integrate them into the community.  

Supportive community and housing for

adults with disabilities.

Our Mission

Providing adults with disabilities an opportunity to live as independently as possible in the community with access to appropriate supportive services, offering integration and choice. 


Our Vision

A world where communities welcome individuals with disabilities to live their fullest life through integration with dignity, safety, support, and choice.