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The Coves of Waconia

"The Coves of Waconia" will serve as the flagship project for the Eva Sophia Project. It aims to establish a secure, nurturing, and cost-effective private residential community in Waconia, Minnesota for up to 100 adults with and without developmental disabilities ("DD"). The Eva Sophia Project's objective for The Coves is to have approximately 80 percent of the residents be adults with DD.


Our Community Managers will support community life and friendships, help organize activities, encourage community integration, and provide security and maintenance. 


Residents will choose and manage their own supports and services and fund them through Medicaid waivers or private pay. Transportation will be provided primarily by residents’ support staff, rideshares, or family and friends. The Eva Sophia Project may also have vehicles available.

Residential Community

We plan to build a Residential Community of 30-40 standalone market-rate for-sale cottages with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms oriented facing into a central greenspace. It will be a community designed around people, not cars, that encourages social interaction, friendship, exercise and wellbeing. Families and adults with DD owning 2- or 3-bedroom homes may choose to rent spare bedrooms to roommates they choose. We also plan to have about a dozen rental units above our Community Center.

Housing Development
Image by Fulvio Ambrosanio

The Lakehouse
Community Center

Adjacent the Residential Community we plan to build a Community Center we call The Lakehouse that will serve as a venue for programs, classes, events, communal dining, and social gatherings for our residents and members of the greater community, particularly other nonprofits, agencies, advocacy groups, and schools that serve and support adults with DD and their families. It also will serve as a base for Eva Sophia Project Programs and Outings.

Programs and Outings

We plan to organize and conduct Programs and Outings to help people with DD develop and improve independent living skills, enhance social skills, and foster friendships. We also plan to offer informational workshops that help inform and educate families of people with DD about long-term planning options and resources for their sons and daughters.


Population to be Served

Eva Sophia Project plans to serve adults ages 18 and older who have a developmental disability. We expect there to be a range of abilities, support needs, and mobilities. Just because an adult who has DD may not be able to live independently doesn’t mean they couldn’t be a fit with our residential setting.

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